“Employment Law for the Employer & the Employee”

Bringing 20+ Years of Legal Experience to Employees and Employers

SANDRA B. REISS, an AV-rated lawyer, has 20 years experience in all facets of employment law – providing counsel to both employees and employers  from inception of an employment dispute to trial. Ms. Reiss has handled numerous trials on behalf of the employee and employer in both state and federal court, and successfully appealed matters to both the United States Supreme Court and the Alabama Supreme Court.  She has attended over 100 mediations.




After 20 years in practice, I decided to start my own firm and my clients thankfully followed.  Speaking as the primary member of the firm, I really like the practice the law, especially employment law, and I believe representing both plaintiffs and defendants makes me a better, more balanced, attorney.  I enjoy not only getting to know my clients and the problems they are facing, but understanding their jobs and motivations, or in the case of employers, their business, goals and atmosphere and assisting in helping managers and HR professionals in handling day-to-day employment issues. Not every dispute has to go to court, and I enjoy helping to prevent problems and working with employees and employers on creative solutions.  I am proud of the client relationships I have built, and I am a strong and fierce advocate.


(large, medium and small businesses)

  • Represent employers in all types of employment matters
    (Title VII, FMLA, retaliatory discharge, etc.) from informal counseling to litigation
  • Draft handbooks and update policies
  • Provide training to managers and non-exempt employee’s
  • Draft severance agreements and other business contracts


  •  Advise, and if necessary represent the employee at the EEOC process through trial
  • Advice on and negotiate severance agreements
  • Advise employees on how to report discrimination or retaliation or other workplace problems
  • Draft contracts for independent contractors, executives, and other employees
  • Advise on non-competes



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